Former Sen. Bob Dole Calls Out Citizens United

In an interview with the AARP Bulletin, Bob Dole, former GOP presidential candidate and 47th Chairman of the Republican National Committee, recently commented on the role of money in politics.

What has been the biggest change in presidential politics since you were the Republican nominee in 1996?
Money. Now they talk about raising $1 billion to run for president. It’s unreal. We need to do something to stop all this money in politics. I’ve always believed when people give big money, they — maybe silently — expect something in return.

In another exchange, we was asked, “Do you think you could have been the nominee if money had played such an important role back then? (1996)”. His response:

I don’t think so. And I might not be conservative enough to be the nominee today.

In his interview, Dole did not mention the Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling, but his view on money in politics seemed clear.